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Campaign Update from Campaigns Committee

December 13, 2009

by: Alexander Chen, 12/12/2009


Rasmussen Reports has definitely been piling up the polls in the past week – with 2010 right around the corner, the GOP has some very good pickup opportunities. The Connecticut, Delaware, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, (maybe New York, if Giuliani runs) and Pennsylvania US Senate seats are certainly ripe opportunities for GOP; Governorships in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin provide further opportunities for the GOP to take back power in the state houses.
Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to spend away at their numerous domestic proposals – indeed, House Democrats under Pelosi are now trying to raise the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion! Continued ambitious spending plans for health care and cap-and-trade have brought Democratic polling numbers down as the Democrats are appealing to the fringe sections of their base. If this continues, we can anticipate that more states will come into play next year.

Polling Data
12/08 – Rasmussen Reports, Colorado US Senate – Norton (R) 46%, Bennett (D)* 37%
12/07 – Rasmussen Reports, Connecticut US Senate – Simmons (R) 48%, Dodd (D)* 35%
12/08 – Rasmussen Reports, Pennsylvania US Senate – Toomey (R) 46%, Specter (D)* 42%
12/07 – Rasmussen Reports, Ohio US Senate – Portman (R) 38%, Fisher (D) 36%; Portman (R) 40%, Brunner (D) 33%
12/12 – Rasmussen Reports, Nevada US Senate – Tarkanian (R) 49%, Reid (D)* 43%; Lowden (R) 49%, Reid (D)* 43%
12/07 – Rasmussen Reports, Ohio Governor – Kasich (R) 48%, Strickland (D)* 39%

General Congressional Vote, Real Clear Politics Average – Republicans, 44.2%, Democrats 43.4%
Obama Job Approval, Real Clear Politics Average – Approve 48.8%, Disapprove 45.3%

Upcoming Events
Merry Christmas (and vote, if you can, on January 19, 2010, in the Massachusetts US Senate seat!)

In the news

Democrats kill GOP attempt to stop $1.1 trillion spending bill;

House Democrats prepare to raise US debt ceiling by another $1.8 trillion;
Montana Senator Max Baucus’s (D) girlfriend controversy continues to grow…

Helpful Links

Great blog (and also a good predictor for 2010 races) –

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