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2010…. Almost Over!

December 9, 2010

Over a month after election day, there the final two races have been decided: Minnesota’s gubernatorial election, and New York’s 1st Congressional District election. In both races, the Democrat (Mark Dayton and Tim Bishop respectively) won narrowly. This means the final tally was:

Senate – GOP +6, House – GOP +63, Governorships – GOP +6

Meanwhile, the Alaska Senate race has been called in favor of Lisa Murkowski, but Joe Miller has filed suit to block her. Down by over 10,000 votes, Miller’s campaign has only challenged 8,000 of Murkowski’s ballots. Given that it is extraordinarily unlikely that Miller will win (and that many of his campaign’s challenges seem frivolous – i.e. spelling/handwriting disputes), I hope that this case is resolved quickly.

With final examinations lurking around the corner, Christmas (and a return to our hometowns!) will soon follow as 2010 winds down.

Of course, I’m not quite done yet… there are 3 gubernatorial elections next year 🙂

Not to mention the 33 Senate seats, 435 Congressional seats, and the Presidency in 2012…

Preliminary 2012 Senate competitive races:

Connecticut (ID – Lieberman)

Florida (D – Nelson)

Massachusetts (R – Brown)

Michigan (D – Stabenow)

Missouri (D – McCaskill)

Montana (D – Tester)

Nebraska (D – Nelson)

Nevada (R – Ensign)

Ohio (D – Brown)

Pennsylvania (D – Casey)

Virginia (D – Webb)

West Virginia (D – Manchin)

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