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Harvard Republican Club Endorses Ebrahim-Cao for UC

November 11, 2010
On Wednesday, November 10, the Harvard Republican Club Executive Board voted to endorse the ticket of Senan Ebrahim and Bonnie Cao for Undergraduate Council President and Vice-President, citing their experience with the Council, their better grasp of the majority of the important issues than the other tickets, and their fiscal priorities.

The endorsement was reached after the tickets submitted answers to a questionnaire on range of issues and after each ticket was interviewed individually by the Board.

The Executive Board was quite disappointed with the stances of both Ebrahim-Cao and Coe-Li on the issue of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).  The Board felt that neither ticket had a full understanding of the current situation at Harvard and of the needs of those students in the program.  The Harvard Republican Club has long advocated for increased support for ROTC and for official recognition of the program, regardless of the federal Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell law. The Board is particularly concerned with Ebrahim-Cao’s view that ROTC should only be recognized following the repeal of Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell if the majority of students support its recognition. The idea that any student group should only exist if the majority if students support it is a dangerous one with which all Harvard students should find concern–in particular those in the minority. The Board strongly encourage Ebrahim-Cao to rethink their view.

The Executive Board sincerely hopes that Ebrahim-Cao will follow through with their promise to get students in ROTC access to varsity athletic facilities–a much needed resource for them.  It also hopes that they will follow through with their desire to ease the burdens on ROTC cadets and midshipmen by obtaining alternate funding sources for transportation to and from ROTC facilities at MIT.  And the Club hopes it can count on their full support for official ROTC recognition when and if federal law is changed.

The Board believes that Ebrahim and Cao have the best interest of student groups in mind in the allocation of resources and in setting fiscal priorities. In a time of tight budgets, this is especially salient.

“Senan and Bonnie’s goals are most in line with the interests of our club,” said HRC President Mark A. Isaacson ’11.  “We look forward to working with them in the coming year to advance our priorities.”

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