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Decision 2010

November 1, 2010

Election season is truly the most wondrous time of the year – tomorrow night, I will be able to actually bear watching election results past 11 PM (or, for a matter of fact, past 9:15 when  most networks called Ohio for Obama)! Election night in America is almost here!!!

I am preparing for a non-stop election return watching marathon from 6 PM until 2 AM. Polls begin closing in parts of Indiana and Kentucky around 6 – watch for Rand Paul’s margin in Kentucky and an easy GOP pickup by Dan Coats for Evan Bayh’s Senate seat in Indiana. By 2 AM, we should have a pretty good picture of the new make up of Congress.

Tomorrow afternoon, between 4 and 5 PM, exit polls begin to get leaked. Keep an eye out for them!

Washington and West Virginia will likely determine which party controls the Senate: ND, AR, IN, WI, PA, CO, IL, and NV are trending towards the GOP. If Republicans can win those 8 and pick up WA and WV, Mitch McConnell will be Senate Majority Leader next January.

For the House, we’re now looking at a landslide of a net 65 seat gain for the Republicans. Now, it’s a matter of estimating what time the networks will call the House! I’m guessing between 10 PM and 11 PM.

For the Governorships – I must say, Connecticut has been the biggest surprise of them all. I thought that Democrat Dan Malloy would have an easy ride, but as it turns out Tom Foley now holds a narrow edge in polling. Republicans will probably hold 30-31 Governorships after tomorrow night.

And, lastly, please turn out to vote!

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