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The Choice is up to YOU

October 29, 2010

TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE IN 2010. Don’t like healthcare? Tired of out of control spending? You can’t complain unless you ACT, and there’s only a little more than 72 hours left. CAMPAIGN WITH THE HRC IN MA NOW–sign up here.

For details, see below:

I. Jeff Perry for Congress: Saturday afternoon at 1 PM

Jeff Perry is ahead in the polls and it’s likely that he’ll be a MA Republican in Congress – come help him with the last push! This event is not to be missed! We’ll meet at the T and go door-to-door in Quincy, MA. T-rides will be funded.

II. Baker and Bielat: Sunday afternoon from 2-4:30

Who is one of the most senior and powerful Democrats in Congress? Barney Frank. Who is in danger of losing his seat on Tuesday? Barney Frank. And who is going to take that seat back? Sean Bielat. But only if you pitch in on Sunday and help him out! Come take a short trip on the T to Brookline with the Harvard Republicans and help Sean Bielat paint Barney Frank’s district red. It’s possible, based on poll results, that we’ll spend time door-to-door in Cambridge/Somerville for Baker, We may be able to pull off some dual action by handing out Baker material and Bielat material. Stay tuned and block off a couple of those Sunday afternoon hours!

III. Baker GOTV: Monday at 5:45-8:45

We’ll meet at the T at 5:45 and ride over to Baker HQ. T-rides will be funded. Don’t miss the opportunity to GOTV on election eve. Check out the sweet college Republicans campaign for Baker video:

V. Wave signs at the polls: Election Tuesday

There will be an opportunity to wave signs up by the Grad School of Design.

Baker HQs is open all week to volunteers – go in, make a few calls, and help out. Even if you have 2 spare hours one afternoon, they’d love to have you!

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