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7 Days Out

October 26, 2010

The sprint to the finish has officially started. Election Day is less than 168 hours away, and Republicans are on the verge of making 2010 another 1994 or BETTER. Charlie Cook yesterday stated that a GOP takeover of the House is at this point inevitable, but Republicans across the nation still need your help. If we want this to be a solid and loud referendum on the Democratic policies that have been shoved down our throats over the past two years, Republicans need to win big across the map. Even in traditionally blue areas, Republican candidates are locked in some very tight races that will make the difference on November 2. What can you do to help? A LOT. Volunteer for your local Republican candidates–walk the neighborhoods and make the phone calls to ensure that Republicans get out their vote on election day! Proudly place a sign in your yard, or, for all of us college students, donate your facebook picture to advertise for the campaigns you support. We at the Harvard Republican Club will be announcing our final election plans soon–so make sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, Charlie Baker and Jeff Perry are both stuck in very close races as they seek to join Scott Brown as elected MA Republicans–if you have any spare time, donate it to their campaigns and ensure that you have no doubts and no regrets come election day!

Also, HAVE YOU VOTED YET? Make sure to exercise the freedom that our soldiers are sacrificing to protect and request your absentee ballot now!

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