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Colorado Rising – And, More French Problems

October 24, 2010

It seems that Tom Tancredo has pulled into contention as the de-factor Republican nominee for Governor in Colorado. A few months ago, with Dan Maes’ campaign breaking down, I believed the governor’s race was gone – instead, Tancredo has managed to corral GOP support together and is now in contention with Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper for the governorship.

Magellan, a Republican-affiliated polling firm, released a poll today showing Tancredo only one point behind Hickenlooper. Rasmussen also recently showed Tancredo 4 points. Tancredo would almost certainly align himself with Republicans – GOP nominee Maes is well behind in third, pulling 9%. If Maes’ support continues to evaporate in the coming days, then Tancredo has a very real possibility of winning.

Meanwhile, in Illinois Mark Kirk has pulled ahead again in the Senate race; Rick Scott has done likewise in the Florida governor’s race. Maine GOP nominee Paul LePage has staunched the bleeding (for now) in the governor’s race. In the House, I am now projecting a gain of 58 seats, as GA-2 enters the GOP column and HI-1 goes from an Democratic gain to a GOP hold.

Lastly, the French Senate bravely passed the pension reform package that was sorely needed to stem the tide of debt. (Still, weeks into this debate, many French are still striking – apparently eight weeks of paid vacation, sick leave, and 35 hour work weeks are not enough). Kudos to President Nicholas Sarkozy and his legislative allies for taking on this burden for the future improvement of his country.

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