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A Startling Year

October 17, 2010

This year certainly seems a frightening year for Democrats.  Whatever happened to the great “unity and cohesion” of the Democratic Party during the 2008 election?  Not only are the Democrats, such as Robert Gibbs, projecting a GOP takeover in the house, but some are also abandoning their own party and leadership.  Some have even given up hope completely.  Remember the hope that President Obama brought in 2008?

Just this week, several Democrats who are running for re-election this fall launched attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  A group of Democrats have openly stated that if the Democrats somehow held onto their majority in November, they would oppose a reinstatement of Pelosi as speaker.  Furthermore, two Democrats, Jim Marshal of Georgia and Bobby Bright of Alabama, assured voters that they will not support Pelosi for re-election when her term comes into play.

Even more concerning is the fact that Democrats have simply given up on several seats in order to place their support in those that they actually feel they can win.  Earlier this week, Democratic strategists admitted to abandoning nearly a dozen house seats to try to salvage their majority in the chamber.  The emerging battlefield for this election has shifted almost entirely to Democratic seats.

In this political climate, we have the President losing every race he has supported in the last few elections, a Speaker of the House who is publicly opposed by members of her own party, and a party who is openly abandoning house seats to attempt to hold on to a majority.  It certainly appears to be a rough year for the Democrats.

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