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It’s About Life and Liberty

October 11, 2010

On Tuesday October 12th from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., the Harvard Republican Club will join in solidarity with the QSA and many other students in front of the Science Center to remember those in the queer community who recently and needlessly lost their lives.  We take this opportunity to renew our pledge to condemn all forms of hatred and affirm the right of life and liberty for all.

As we respond to these recent tragedies, we are proud to stand alongside our fellow students from a diverse range of groups and opinions in condemning these acts of hatred. No American should be subject to such acts because of who he or she is, and this country must continue to fight against bigotry and extreme violence at home and around the world.

We pledge, as we always have, to support basic human dignity at Harvard and beyond. Fighting bullying and hatred is not a partisan issue; leaders from both sides of the aisle have condemned these attacks, and we join their voices. This is a time for us to come together as one campus and work tirelessly to foster a culture of respect and acceptance.

It is our duty to be stewards of the world that we have inherited so that we may pass on something better to future generations. Hopefully our children will never have to confront the kind of hatred that we have witnessed over the past month. We hope you will join us and others as we take our stand, for in the words of President Ronald Reagan, “there’s a purpose and worth to every life.”


This statement was written by the Press Committee of the Harvard Republican Club on behalf of the Club.

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