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Should the GOP really want to win 2010?

October 7, 2010

This week starts of with a simple question:  Should the GOP really want to win back the house and senate in 2010?

At first glance, common sense tells us yes.  Of course, why would any political party want to be out of power, constantly having their views oppressed in the minority?  In this election, there seems to be a few reasons why.  The New York Times currently predicts the Republicans taking back the house with a 220-215 majority, and the Senate in a dead heat.  This is a slim majority in the House, with a tossup in the Senate.  One may be quick to suppose that with a Republican takeover of the House and possibly the Senate, they could simply implement their Contract to America- a series of economic reforms that include lower taxes and a possible repealing of the health care bill.

However, their agenda is stacked with promises, and they are promises that will be hard to implement.  With a small majority in the House, and possibly a small majority in the Senate, Republicans will be, by all standards, “in control”.  Thus, they will be expected to implement the proposals they asserted prior to gaining power.  This could pose difficulty with such a small majority in congress, and they could end up being labeled as another “do nothing” congress, one who simply promised reform and did not live up to its promise.  With the negative publicity that would surely be aroused from a failure to pass anything significant, Republicans would be hard pressed to take the presidency and keep either house of congress in the 2012 elections.

In contrast, if the Democrats retained congress by a slim margin in 2010, Obama and his administration could potentially continue their blunders of the past two years- four years for congress- giving Republicans a serious leg up at the presidency in 2012, and the chance at a massive majority in congress.

So in the short term, 2010 would be a great win for Republicans.  They would have destroyed the momentum of the Obama election and cut off his coattails that Democrats rode to massive majorities in the House and Senate.  However, and this would surely be dirty politicking at its finest, perhaps for the sake of the party in the long term, it would be in its best interest for the Democrats to retain the congress.

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