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Hahadashot — The News.

October 3, 2010

1. Amazing speech by Ambassador Oren.

Yes, many Israelis are skeptical about peace, and who wouldn’t be? We withdrew our troops from Lebanon and the Gaza Stripin order to generate peace, and instead received thousands of missiles crashing into our homes. We negotiated with the Palestinians for 17 years and twice offered them an independent state, only to have those offers rejected. Over the last decade, we saw more than 1,000 Israelis — proportionally the equivalent of about 43,000 Americans — killed by suicide bombers, and tens of thousands maimed. We watched bereaved mothers on Israeli television urging our leaders to persist in their peace efforts, while Palestinian mothers praised their martyred children and wished to sacrifice others for jihad.

2. I recently reconnected with this video — describes the summer flotilla incident perfectly, and is hilarious. All the more relevant around peace talks. Watch it, especially if sarcasm is one of your many talents.

3. Charlie Baker is reaching out to MA Russian Jews (GOOD move — about time! Lots of Conservatives who have given up on MA in that group…!)


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