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Republicans >>> Democrats

September 27, 2010

Although the proof of this statement is trivial, I refer to the issue of Israel. The statistic is something like ~70% of Republicans support Israel  while ~35% of Democrats do. And yes ~80% of Jews are Democrats. Yes, you read that right and no it makes no sense to me either. Why should you as a Republican support Israel?

1. National Security/Military Reasons

  • The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the US Army do joint training and the US Army learns a lot from Israelis on the specifics of desert/terrorism warfare.
  • Israeli inventions save 1000’s of American lives. (Like a new tank cover that scatters debris outwards saving soldiers lives, or the new Israeli made bandages that minimize blood loss on the battlefield).

2.  Common Idealogy

  • Israel is the only stable democracy in the Middle East which unquestionably supports the US. It is our only true ally in the Middle East.
  • Israel is the only country where American soldiers walk freely in uniform and are always welcomed.

3. Economy

  • 80% of any aid that goes to Israel via the Foreign Aid bill comes back to the US in the form of jobs for Americans and contracts with American companies.
  • Israel is one of the US’s main trading partners especially in terms of weaponry and technology.

4. Technology

  • AIM, flashdrives, the first digestible pill, the first Motorola cell phone, etc are all Israeli products. IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Google, all have major research labs in Israel.
  • Israel is a world leader in clean and environmental while still incredibly efficient technology.

5. Miscellaneous

  • The IDF is completely badass. My favorite story: 1981. Israelis destroy Iraq’s nuclear reactor in a covert mission. Reagan is woken up. “Sir, the Israelis are bombing Iraq!”. Reagan: “Oh well, boys will be boys.” *goes back to sleep*
  • Bar Rafaeli. Need I say more?


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