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The Rustbelt – Turning Red

September 26, 2010

The classic rustbelt, where President Obama trounced John McCain in 2008, has turned sharply against the President. Two key states, Pennsylvania and Ohio, have strong GOP candidates this year. Here are the key races there:


Governor – Corbett (R) v. Onorato (D)

Senate – Toomey (R) v. Sestak (D)

House – PA 3: Kelly (R) v. Dahlkemper (D), PA 4: Rothfus (R) v. Altmire (D), PA 7: Meehan (R) v. Lentz (D), PA 8: Fitzpatrick (R) v. Murphy (D), PA 10: Marino (D) v. Carney, PA 11: Barletta (R) v. Kanjorski (D), PA 12: Burns (R) v. Critz (D).

Republicans are poised to swipe the Governor’s mansion and Senate seat (held by former Republican Arlen Specter) from the Democrats, along with a slew of House seats. It is likely that Pennsylvania will see the most House seats turning from blue to red this fall! Six of the seven vulnerable seats are held by incumbents (only PA 7, held by Joe Sestak, is open).


Governor – Kasich (R) v. Strickland (D)

Senate – Portman (R) v. Fisher (D)

House – OH 1: Chabot (R) v. Driehaus (D), OH 6: Wilson (R) v. Johnson (D), OH 15: Stivers (R) v. Kilroy (D), OH 16: Renacci (R) v. Boccieri (D), OH 18: Gibbs (R) v. Space (D)

Note that all five Democrats here are the incumbents. Both incumbent Governor Strickland, and his Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher are running well behind their GOP opponents in the Gubernatorial and Senatorial races, as in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s polls close at 8 PM EST, and Ohio’s polls close at 7:30 PM EST. How the GOP performs in these key races will be an excellent indicator of the party’s performance in states in the west.

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