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“Beware BoehnerLand”

September 20, 2010

Democrats are trying to save themselves by demonizing John Boehner.  They’ve even got a website. Appropriately, it’s all in orange.

Two points:

1) The GOP tried this in 2006 with Nancy Pelosi.  Didn’t work.

2) Less than half the country — according National Journal’s Ron Brownstein and polling data — knows who John Boehner is.  (And many of those that identify him pronounce his name in a, well, awkward way…)

It really is a sign of desperation.

More striking is the logic (or lack thereof) behind it:  According to the president John Boehner will wreck the country, derailing the President’s agenda if the GOP takes control of Congress.  Apparently controlling Congress is enough to fundamentally alter the President’s economic agenda.  Really?  So why do Democrats–who had control of Congress in 2007 and 2008–say they could do nothing to stop Bush from tanking the economy.  They had control of Congress.

And a sidenote–often forgotten–the lowest unemployment between 9/11 and today was 4.4%.  That was December 2006–the last month Republicans controlled Congress.

So, really, who is to blame?  Putting it on all on Bush is a little too easy–at least by Democrats’ new logic.

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