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Welcome Back!

August 31, 2010

Harvard has just welcomed the Class of 2014 to the Yard, and upperclassmen have been trickling in over the past few days. Freshmen, we hope you come to our first general meeting on September 7th in Adams Lower Common Room at 8 PM!

It’s been an exciting few months in the political world – we’ve seen a few political upsets, including Joe Miller’s recent apparent victory over incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. Overall, some Senate races have gotten closer (Nevada – Angle v. Reid), while others have been blown away (Arkansas – Boozman v. Lincoln).

It looks increasingly likely that the Republicans will take over the House, and a majority of governorships is assured with Democratic retirements in states like Kansas, Wyoming, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Republicans may not win control of the Senate this cycle, but they will be in an excellent position to win control of the upper chamber in 2012.

A slew of northeastern states will have their primaries on September 14th, so keep an eye out for key races, including the GOP nomination for NH US Senate, where former AG Kelly Ayotte is facing off with businessmen Bill Binnie and Jim Bender, and former GOP nominee for governor Ovide Lamontagne (disclaimer – I am an Ayotte supporter).

This election cycle looks incredibly promising – let’s keep working to ensure victories for our candidates on November 2nd!

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