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Looking Ahead

May 1, 2010

The school year is winding down, and exams are on the horizon. This will be my last post before the 2010-2011 school year, so let’s ahead. Within the next few weeks, there will be key primaries in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Arkansas. Right now, I’m predicting a net gain of 8 Senate, 32 House, and 5 gubernatorial seats for the Republicans – I’ll continue tracking all Senate and Governor races, and the top 60 House races, over the course of the summer.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Charlie Crist has officially abandoned his quest for the Senate under the Republican flag, and will be running as an independent this November –  good luck to former Speaker Marco Rubio as he takes on both Governor Crist and Kendrick Meek for the seat once held by Mel Martinez.

My final well wishes are extended to former NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who is working to succeed Judd Gregg to the US Senate. Another poll has her ahead by 15 points over Democratic candidate Congressman Paul Hodes – I eagerly await casting my ballot for her in both the primary and the general election this fall!

Polling Report:

N. Hampshire Senate       WMUR             Ayotte (R) 47%        Hodes (D) 32%                 (4/30)

Arizona Senate          PPP                             McCain (R) 49%      Glassman (D) 33%           (4/28)

Arizona Senate          PPP                             Hayworth (R) 39% Glassman (D) 42%           (4/28)

Arkansas Senate        Rasmussen             Boozman (R) 57%   Lincoln* (D) 29%            (4/29)

Delaware Senate       Rasmussen              Castle (R) 55%          Coons (D) 32%                  (4/30)

Illinois Senate           Rasmussen              Kirk (R) 46%              Giannoulias (D) 38%      (4/30)

Indiana Senate         Survey USA            Coats (R) 47%           Ellsworth (D) 31%            (4/29)

Indiana Senate         Survey USA            Hostettler (R) 45%  Ellsworth (D) 32%           (4/29)

N. Dakota Senate     Rasmussen              Hoeven (R) 69%       Potter (D) 24%                 (4/27)

Arizona Governor   Rasmussen             Brewer (R) 48%         Goddard (D) 40%            (4/28)

Georgia Governor   Rasmussen             Deal (R) 46%               Barnes (D) 39%                (4/28)

Georgia Governor   Rasmussen             Oxendine (R) 45%    Barnes (D) 43%                (4/28)

Illinois Governor     Rasmussen             Brady (R) 45%           Quinn* (D) 38%               (4/30)

Oregon Governor     Rasmussen           Dudley (R) 41%          Kitzhaber (D) 41%          (4/29)

S. Dakota Governor Rasmussen           Daugaard (R) 53%    Heideprim (D) 33%         (4/27)

ND – CD AL                  Rasmussen             Berg (R) 49%              Pomeroy* (D) 45%         (4/26)

NH – CD 1                     WMUR                      Guinta (R) 42%         Shea-Porter* (D) 38%   (4/30)

NH – CD 2                    WMUR                      Bass (R)  44%              Swett (D) 27%                 (4/30)

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