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Campaign Update – 4/26/10

April 26, 2010

This past week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed legislation that toughened state laws on illegal immigration; incidentally, Brewer’s polling numbers have improved against Terry Goddard, the Arizona Attorney General who once led Brewer in the polls. Brewer ascended to the governorship after Janet Napolitano became Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, and faces voters this November to win in her own right.

Meanwhile, recent discussion around the beltway has centered on the VAT (value-added tax). This would tax producers at all levels of production at a rate of how much “value” was added to a product – in this recession though, do we really need what would amount to a national sales tax? Surely the last thing we want is to follow continental Europe on the road to endless taxation.

Though former governors George Pataki (New York) and Tommy Thompson (Wisconsin) have decided not to run for Senate seats, it’s still possible to pull in the GOP’s best hope in Washington state, Dino Rossi. He polls well against incumbent Democratic senator Patty Murray, leading her by 10 points in a recent poll.

Polling Report

Georgia Senate                     Rasmussen               Isakson* (R) 51%      Thurmond (D) 35%       (4/23)

Washington Senate             Survey USA             Rossi (R) 52%             Murray* (D) 42%           (4/24)

Arizona Governor               Rasmussen              Brewer* (R) 44%       Goddard (D) 40%           (4/21)

Arizona Governor              Rasmussen               Martin (R) 47%         Goddard (D) 34%            (4/21)

California Governor           Rasmussen              Whitman (R) 38%     Brown (D) 44%                 (4/21)

Maryland Governor           Rasmussen              Ehrlich (R) 44%         O’Malley* (D) 47%         (4/23)

N. Hampshire Governor  Rasmussen               Stephen (R) 36%       Lynch* (D) 47%              (4/23)

Wisconsin Governor          Rasmussen              Walker (R) 46%          Barrett (D) 44%               (4/23)

Wisconsin Governor          Rasmussen              Neumann (R) 46%    Barrett (D) 46%               (4/23)

NH CD-01                               PPP                              Guinta (R) 46%         Shea-Porter* (D) 45%    (4/22)

NH CD-02                               PPP                             Bass (R) 47%               Swett (D) 32%                   (4/22)

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