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Campaign Update – 4/19/10

April 20, 2010

Well, the big question now is whether Governor Charlie Crist abandons his run for the Republican nomination in the Florida Senate race. His recent veto of an education bill favored by state GOP leaders, including former Governor Jeb Bush, has merely exacerbated the GOP base, which is solidifying behind Marco Rubio. Crist has until April 30 to decide whether he want to run for the Senate as a Republican or Independent, or drop out all together.

Meanwhile, Obama’s home state of Illinois is marching towards the GOP – incumbent Governor Pat Quinn continues to face low approval ratings, and Democratic Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias has been weakened with the failure of his family’s bank. Polls indicate that if the election were held right now, State Senator Bill Brady and Congressman Mark Kirk would win the Governorship and US Senate seat respectively.

Polling Report

Arkansas Senate, Daily Kos           Boozman (R) 50%           Lincoln* (D) 43%                    (4/15)

Florida Senate, Quinnipiac             Rubio (R) 42%                 Meek (D) 38%                           (4/15)

Florida Senate, Quinnipiac             Crist (R) 48%                   Meek (D) 34%                            (4/15)

Indiana Senate, Rasmussen            Coats (R) 54%                 Ellsworth (D) 33%                   (4/19)

Indiana Senate, Rasmussen            Hostettler (R) 50%       Ellsworth (D) 33%                   (4/19)

Nevada Senate, Mason-Dixon        Lowden (R) 47%           Reid* (D) 37%                           (4/16)

Colorado Governor, Rasmussen   McInnis (R) 48%           Hickenlooper (D) 42%           (4/16)

Mass. Governor, NE College           Baker (R) 27%     Patrick*(D) 34%   Cahill (I) 29%   (4/19)

Florida Governor, Quinnipiac       McCollum (R) 40%       Sink (D) 36%                               (4/19)

Texas Governor, Rasmussen          Perry* (R) 48%              White (D) 44%                           (4/19)

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