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4/6/10 – Campaign Update

April 10, 2010

The past week has not boded well for the Republican National Committee… the recent scandal over the $2000 spent on a West Hollywood club has caught Michael Steele in a crossfire from both the right and left. Luckily though, donors continue to contribute to individual candidates and movements – their organizational skills will be essential to a GOP surge this November.

Meanwhile, our conservative friends across the pond have launched their general election campaign against Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. Best of luck to David Cameron as he attempts to loosen Labour’s 13-year grip on power.

Also, this article draws some interesting comparisons between 2010 and 1946 – the GOP wave in 1946 surpassed even the 1994 Republican Revolution!

Here’s some recent polling numbers:

Kentucky Senate, Rasmussen: Paul (R) 52%, Mongiardo (D) 37%             Paul (R) 50%, Conway (D) 36%

Kentucky Senate, Rasmussen: Grayson (R) 53%, Mongiardo (D) 33%     Grayson (R) 52%, Conway (D) 32%

Pennsylvania Senate, PPP: Toomey (R) 46%, Specter* (D) 43%                 Toomey (R) 42%, Sestak (D) 36%

Wisconsin Senate, WPR: Thompson (R) 45%, Feingold* (D) 33%

Nevada Governor, Rasmussen: Sandoval (R) 55%, Reid (D) 34%              Gibbons* (R) 45%, Reid (D) 43%

Wisconsin Governor, WPR: Walker (R) 44%, Barrett (D) 28%                     Neumann (R) 43%, Barrett (D) 29%

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