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4/1/10 – Campaign Update

April 1, 2010

President Obama has truly reinvigorated the American spirit by fulfilling his campaign promises – even the NRSC has congratulated the leader of the free world for lowering unemployment to -39% and eliminating the federal deficit. Obama’s latest initiative to “replace cars with low-emission unicorns, powered with the renewable energy of rainbows” will undoubtedly earn accolades from both parties.

Of course, if you actually believed this, you’d be almost as foolish as Congressional Democrats. Unfortunately, the following isn’t a joke – one Democrat thinks that stationing more marines on Guam will cause the island to “tip over and capsize.”

As you can probably tell, there’s not too much campaign-wise going on this week. Former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich will be challenging incumbent Martin O’Malley though… stay tuned!

Polling Report

Missouri Senate             PPP                 Blunt (R) 45%               Carnahan (D) 41%        (3/30)

New York Senate         Marist               Pataki (R) 47%             Gillibrand* (D) 45%       (3/30)

North Dakota Senate     Rasmussen       Hoeven (R) 68%           Potter (D) 25%             (3/26)

Ohio Senate                  Quinnipiac         Portman (R) 37%          Fisher (D) 41%             (3/31)

Ohio Senate                  Quinnipiac         Portman (R) 37%            Brunner (D) 38%          (3/31)

Florida Governor         Mason-Dixon    McCollum (R) 49%         Sink (D) 34%                (3/31)

New Mexico Governor  Rasmussen       Avg. GOP 33%                Denish (D) 51%            (3/30)

Ohio Governor              Quinnipiac         Kasich (R) 38%                     Strickland* (D) 43%    (3/31)

Rhode Island Governor  Rasmussen       Chafee (I) 39%               Caprio (D) 28%                (3/28)

S. Dakota Governor       Rasmussen       Daugaard (R) 49%            Heideprim (D) 32%       (3/30)

North Dakota AL-CD   Rasmussen        Berg (R) 51%                        Pomeroy* (D) 44%       (3/26)

South Dakota AL-CD    Rasmussen       Nelson (R) 42%                  Sandlin* (D) 44%          (3/30)

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