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Campaign Update – Housing Day

March 16, 2010


First off, freshman housing day has finally arrived, and hopefully freshman HRC members are celebrating (GO ELIOT!!!)

Republicans continue to look strong in retaining open seats in Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, Kentucky, and Kansas; however, some races are looking increasingly challenging for the GOP. For example, Jerry Brown’s entrance in the California gubernatorial race, while not unexpected, gives the Democrats an advantage in a state Obama overwhelmingly carried. Furthermore, in New York, all Andrew Cuomo has to do to win the governorship is simply announce his candidacy.

Conflicting polling in Colorado has made predicting the key Senate and gubernatorial races there extremely difficult. Meanwhile, in Washington and Wisconsin, the main questions are whether Dino Rossi and Tommy Thompson will run for the Senate.

After spring break, primary contests will heat up, so keep an eye out!

Polling Report

Florida Senate                          PPP (D)            Crist (R) 46%               Meek (D) 33%             (3/10)

Florida Senate                          PPP (D)            Rubio (R) 44%            Meek (D) 39%             (3/10)

Illinois Senate                         Rasmussen     Kirk (R) 41%               Giannoulias (D) 44%   (3/10)

New Hampshire Senate       Rasmussen     Ayotte (R) 47%         Hodes (D) 37%               (3/10)

Ohio Senate                              Rasmussen       Portman (R) 43%         Brunner (D) 37%     (3/8)

Ohio Senate                              Rasmussen       Portman (R) 44%         Fisher (D) 39%         (3/8)

Washington Senate               Rasmussen       Rossi (R) 49%             Murray* (D) 46%       (3/10)

Colorado Governor               PPP (D)            McInnis (R) 39%         Hickenlooper (D) 50%   (3/10)

Illinois Governor                   Rasmussen       Brady (R) 37%             Quinn* (D) 47%             (3/9)

Massachusetts Governor    Rasmussen       Baker (R) 32%             Patrick* (D) 35%         (3/10)

New York Governor              Siena                Lazio (R) 25%             Cuomo (D) 63%          (3/7)

Nevada Senate                    Rasmussen       Sandoval (R) 53%       Reid (D) 35%              (3/7)

Nevada Senate                    Rasmussen       Gibbons* (R) 36%       Reid (D) 44%              (3/7)

Ohio Governor                         Rasmussen       Kasich (R) 49%               Strickland* (D) 38%    (3/8)

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