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Campaign Update

March 7, 2010


Campaign Update – An Empire State of Malaise

This week has brought about waves of change in the Empire State – incumbent Governor David Paterson has given up his reelection campaign, and powerful House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel surrendered his gavel. Freshman Democrat Eric Massa also found himself at the center of scandal – he has been accused of inappropriate conduct towards a legislative aide. New York Democrats have certainly cultivated a culture of corruption. However, with Andrew Cuomo likely to enter the gubernatorial race and the powerful Chuck Schumer heading up a Senate contest, the GOP will still have an uphill climb come November in New York.

In Texas, incumbent Governor Rick Perry avoided a potentially costly runoff with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. He will face former Houston mayor Bill White in November; but, Perry’s anti-establishment rhetoric has resonated well with Texans so far, and Perry maintains a comfortable lead in the polls. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to look strong in Senate contests in North Dakota, Delaware, Arkansas, Nevada, and Indiana. But, the Pennsylvania Senate race could be getting closer – a recent Quinnipiac poll put one-time Republican Arlen Specter seven points ahead of Pat Toomey.

Polling Report

Arkansas Senate                      Rasmussen       Boozman (R) 48%       Lincoln* (D) 39%        (3/2)

Connecticut Senate                  Rasmussen       Simmons (R) 32%       Blumenthal (D) 58%    (3/4)

Georgia Senate                         PPP (D)            Isakson* (R) 47%        Martin (D) 35%                (3/2)

Indiana Senate                         Daily Kos        Coats (R) 37%             Ellsworth (D) 36%       (3/1)

Indiana Senate                         Daily Kos        Hostettler (R) 40%       Ellsworth (D) 34%       (3/1)

Kentucky Senate                      Rasmussen       Grayson (R) 49%         Conway (D) 31%         (3/4)

Kentucky Senate                      Rasmussen       Paul (R) 49%               Conway (D) 34%         (3/4)

New York Senate                     Rasmussen       Pataki (R) 42%             Gillibrand* (D) 44% (3/2)

Pennsylvania Senate                Marist              Toomey (R) 42%         Specter* (D) 49%        (3/2)

Georgia Governor                   PPP (D)            Oxendine (R) 39%       Barnes (D) 40%               (3/3)

Kansas Governor                     Rasmussen       Brownback (R) 55%    Holland (D) 35%         (3/1)

Michigan Governor                  EPIC-MRA      Cox (R) 43%               Dillon (D) 36%                (3/1)

Michigan Governor                  EPIC-MRA      Hoekstra (R) 41%        Dillon (D) 37%                (3/1)

New York Governor                Rasmussen       Lazio (R) 30%             Cuomo (D) 55%          (3/3)

New York Governor                 Marist                 Lazio (R) 28%             Cuomo (D) 64%             (3/1)

Oklahoma Governor                 Rasmussen       Fallin (R) 51%             Askins (D) 37%              (3/3)

Pennsylvania Governor          Rasmussen       Corbett (R) 41%          Hoeffel (D) 30%            (3/3)

Rhode Island Governor          Rasmussen       Chaffee (I) 37%           Caprio (D) 27%             (3/2)

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