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Campaign Update – 2/25/10

February 25, 2010

This past week has focused attention on intra-party conflicts – primary contests across the country are heating up! With the conclusion of CPAC, Marco Rubio has emerged as a star within the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Charlie Crist’s numbers continue to slide in Florida, and a recent campaign shakeup indicates deep problems within his Senate campaign. Meanwhile, party leaders ranging from Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin are lining up behind 2008 GOP standard bearer John McCain in the Arizona Senate primary contest.

Next Tuesday, Texas Republicans will vote to choose their nominee for the gubernatorial election – right now, incumbent Rick Perry has a commanding lead over Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson – the question is whether Perry can get past the 50% hurdle needed to avoid a runoff. Please vote if you can!

Polling Report

Florida Senate                Rasmussen                   Rubio (R) 51%                 Meek (D) 31%             (2/23)

Florida Senate                Rasmussen                   Crist (R) 48%                   Meek (D) 32%             (2/23)

Indiana Senate               Rasmussen                   Hostettler (R) 46%       Ellsworth (D) 27%       (2/18)

Indiana Senate                Rasmussen                   Coats (R) 46%               Ellsworth (D) 32%       (2/18)

Iowa Senate                     Rasmussen                   Grassley*(R) 53%       Conlin (D) 37%              (2/22)

Iowa Senate                     Research 2000          Grassley*(R) 56%        Conlin (D) 35%              (2/19)

Ohio Senate                      Quinnipiac                   Portman (R) 40%         Brunner (D) 35%         (2/24)

Ohio Senate                      Quinnipiac                   Portman (R) 40%         Fisher (D) 37%             (2/24)

Pennsylvania Senate    Franklin                       Toomey (R) 44%         Specter* (D) 34%          (2/24)

Pennsylvania Senate    Franklin                       Toomey (R) 38%         Sestak (D) 20%              (2/24)

Wisconsin Senate          Rasmussen                  Thompson (R) 48%     Feingold*(D) 43%        (2/18)

Florida Governor          Rasmussen                  McCollum (R) 48%     Sink (D) 35%                   (2/23)

Iowa Governor              Research 2000          Branstad (R) 54%        Culver*(D) 38%             (2/19)

Ohio Governor               Quinnipiac                   Kasich (R) 39%            Strickland* (D) 44%     (2/23)

Texas Governor             Rasmussen                  Perry*(R) 47%             White (D) 41%                 (2/24)

Texas Governor             Rasmussen                   Hutchinson (R) 47%    White (D) 38%              (2/24)

Vermont Governor      Research 2000        Dubie (R) 41%                  Markowitz (D) 43%      (2/18)

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