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Campaign Update

February 18, 2010


Senate Majority Leader McConnell? With Indiana Senator Evan Bayh’s retirement, the GOP has its eighth potential pickup opportunity this fall – North Dakota, Delaware, and Arkansas are more than likely going to join the GOP ranks in November, and Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, and Illinois are fertile ground for GOP takeovers. Picking up all eight seats would leave a 51-49 Democratic majority in the Senate… but wait! There’s interesting news from the Pacific Coast, which after Gordon Smith’s defeat in 2008, has been without a GOP Senator. California’s Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and Dino Rossi, former Washington State Senator, are strong threats to incumbent Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer (CA) and Patty Murray (WA) respectfully.

Who knows? There’s a possibility that Mitch McConnell could be majority leader next January. Here’s the most recent polling numbers.

Polling Report

California Senate         Rasmussen                   Fiorina (R) 42%           Boxer* (D) 46%                 (2/16)

California Senate         Rasmussen                   Campbell (R) 41%       Boxer* (D) 45%                 (2/16)

Louisiana Senate          Rasmussen                 Vitter* (R) 57%            Melancon (D) 33%           (2/13)

N. Carolina Senate       PPP (D)                         Burr*(R) 43%                Marshall (D) 33%             (2/17)

Washington Senate      Rasmussen                 Rossi (R) 48%                Murray* (D) 46%             (2/16)

California Governor    Rasmussen                Whitman (R) 43%          Brown (D) 43%                  (2/16)

Iowa Governor        Des Moines Register    Branstad (R) 53%         Culver* (D) 33%                (2/14)

Texas Governor       Research 2000             Perry* (R) 46%              White (D) 42%                    (2/15)

Texas Governor       Research 2000             Hutchinson (R) 47%    White (D) 41%                    (2/15)

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