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Campaign Update

February 13, 2010

2/13/10 Campaign Update

With the Winter Olympics under way in Vancouver, perhaps the world can find common ground over sport. Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership in Washington continues to forge ahead without Republican input – Harry Reid recently killed a truly bipartisan effort on a jobs bill. President Obama’s “health summit” later on this month, given the sharp ideological differences between him and Congressional Republicans, is likely little more than an attempt to trap the GOP.

Poll-wise though, the past week has been a mixed bag for Republicans. Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats may not be the knight in shining armor needed to take down Evan Bayh, and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s entry into the governor’s race may keep Colorado blue this fall. But, many Democratic incumbents in the House and Senate continue to be vulnerable – here’s a roundup of the week’s polls.

Polling Report

Indiana Senate:              Daily Kos           Hostettler (R) 37%       Bayh* (D) 53%                    (2/11)

Indiana Senate:              Daily Kos           Coats (R) 35%             Bayh*(D) 55%                         (2/11)

Missouri Senate:            Rasmussen       Blunt (R) 49%             Carnahan (D) 42%                 (2/12)

N. Hampshire Senate:  Rasmussen      Ayotte (R) 46%       Hodes (D) 39%                           (2/12)

N. Hampshire Senate: WMUR/UNH   Ayotte (R) 41%        Hodes (D) 33%                           (2/09)

Ohio Senate:                    Rasmussen      Portman (R) 42%         Brunner (D) 38%                  (2/08)

Ohio Senate:                    Rasmussen      Portman (R) 43%         Fisher (D) 39%                      (2/08)

Pennsylvania Senate:  Rasmussen      Toomey (R) 47%         Specter* (D) 38%                 (2/10)

Pennsylvania Senate:  Rasmussen     Toomey (R) 43%         Sestak (D) 35%                        (2/10)

Colorado Governor:     Rasmussen    McInnis (R) 45%         Hickenlooper (D) 49%          (2/08)

Michigan Governor:     Rasmussen    Hoekstra (R) 41%        Dillon (D) 34%                         (2/11)

Michigan Governor:     Rasmussen    Cox (R) 35%               Dillon (D) 36%                            (2/11)

Nevada Governor:    Rasmussen       Sandoval (R) 45%      Reid (D) 33%                             (2/08)

Ohio Governor:          Rasmussen       Kasich (R) 47%            Strickland* (D) 41%              (2/09)

Texas Governor:          PPP (D)            Perry* (R) 48%           White (D) 42%                           (2/10)

Texas Governor:          PPP (D)            Hutchinson (R) 45%    White (D) 38%                         (2/10)

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