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Campaign Update

February 5, 2010


The dust of the Illinois US Senate Primary has finally settled, with Congressman Mark Kirk holding the GOP banner. State Treasurer Alexi Giannoullias narrowly won the Democratic primary. For the Governor’s race, incumbent Pat Quinn narrowly defeated state comptroller Dan Hynes on the Democratic side by less than 1%, and on the Republican side, State Senator Bill Brady narrowly leads State Senator Kirk Dillard by a couple hundred votes.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Indiana, the Republicans got great news when Dan Coats announced he would challenge Evan Bayh for his old Senate seat. Coats will certainly be a formidable challenger. Down south in Arkansas, Congressman John Boozman announced that he will challenge Blanche Lincoln, making it a 5-way race for the Republican nomination. However, Boozman will likely be the strongest challenger, given his greater profile as Arkansas’ only Republican Congressman.

The next primary will be March 2nd, as US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson tries to unseat incumbent Rick Perry in the Texas gubernatorial race.

Polling Report:

Arkansas Senate            PPP                                 Boozman (R) 56%       Lincoln* (D) 33%        (2/2)

Connecticut Senate      Rasmussen                  Simmons (R) 35%       Blumenthal (D) 54%    (2/4)

Florida Senate                Rasmussen                  Crist (R) 48%               Meek (D) 33%             (2/1)

Rubio (R) 49%              Meek (D) 32%     (2/1)

Fabrizio (R)                Crist (R) 47%               Meek (D) 29%             (2/2)

Rubio (R) 42%                        Meek (D) 30%     (2/2)

Kentucky Senate          Rasmussen                   Grayson (R) 44%         Conway (D) 40%         (2/4)

Paul (R) 47%               Conway (D) 39%         (2/4)

Grayson (R) 49%         Mongiardo (D) 35%     (2/4)

Paul (R) 48%               Mongiardo (D) 37%     (2/4)

Illinois Senate              Rasmussen                   Kirk (R) 46%               Giannoullias (D) 40%  (2/4)

New York Senate         Marist                          Pataki (R) 49%                        Gillibrand* (D) 43% (2/1)

Washington Senate      Moore (R)                    Rossi (R) 45%             Murray* (D) 43%        (2/2)

Michigan Governor      EPIC-MRA                  Cox (R) 47%               Dillon (D) 30%                (2/1)

Hoekstra (R) 40%        Dillon (D) 32%                (2/1)

New York Governor    Marist                          Lazio (R) 46%             Patterson* (D) 43%     (2/3)

Lazio (R) 27%             Cuomo (D) 64%          (2/3)

Quinnipiac                   Lazio (R) 40%             Patterson* (D) 39%     (2/3)

Lazio (R) 25%             Cuomo (D) 57%          (2/3)

Wisconsin Governor    Rasmussen                   Walker (R) 48%           Barrett (D) 38%             (1/30)

Neumann (R) 42%       Barrett (D) 38%              (1/30)

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