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Campaign Update

February 1, 2010

1/31/10 – Campaign Update

Another good week of news for the GOP – this time, Republican Congressman John Boozman of Arkansas has tossed his hat into the ring to compete against Blanche Lincoln. With the Republican’s highest federal official in Arkansas now prepared to take Lincoln on, Arkansas just keeps getting better!

Meanwhile, Rasmussen came out with a shocking poll – former governor and HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson leads incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold 47-44 in a hypothetical matchup. This came just one day after Rasmussen found Evan Bayh of Indiana vulnerable to a GOP challenge by Congressman Mike Pence (who has declared his intention to remain in the House).

Besides Obama’s State of the Union address (and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s strong response – again, thanks Virginia!), the political front has largely remained stagnant.

If you live in Illinois, don’t forget to vote in the primary next Tuesday!

Polling Report:

California Senate:        PPIC                            Fiorina (R) 40%           Boxer* (D) 48%          (1/28)

Florida Senate:             Quinnipiac                   Crist (R) 48%               Meek (D) 36%             (1/26)

Rubio (R) 44%                        Meek (D) 35%             (1/26)

Illinois Senate:             PPP                              Kirk (R) 34%               Giannoulias (D) 42%   (1/28)

North Carolina Senate: Rasmussen                   Burr* (R) 47%             Marshall (D) 37%        (1/29)

Pennsylvania Senate:   Franklin                       Toomey (R) 45%         Specter* (D) 31%        (1/27)

Wisconsin Senate:        Rasmussen                   Thompson (R) 47%     Feingold* (D) 43%      (1/28)

California Governor:   PPIC                            Whitman (R) 36%        Brown (D) 41%                       (1/28)

Florida Governor:        Rasmussen                   McCollum (R) 46%     Sink (D) 35%               (1/29)

Quinnipiac                   McCollum (R) 41%     Sink (D) 31%               (1/27)

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