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2010 Campaign Update

January 22, 2010

Hope you enjoyed the holiday season! With 2010 upon us, Republicans are in a great position to pick up seats across the country, both on Capitol Hill and in governors’ mansions. Indeed, the wave keeps growing – even in deep blue Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown is running neck and neck with Democrat Martha Coakley. Even though I live in New Hampshire, I’m still getting blasted with negative Coakley attack ads day after day (and ads from the DSCC and other cogs of the Democratic political machine). Please turn out to vote on Tuesday!

But, a wave of Democratic retirements has made the national landscape better for the GOP. North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan is retiring, and popular governor John Hoeven is expected to jump into the race. Ted Kaufman’s open seat in Delaware remains ripe for the picking by long-time GOP Congressman Mike Castle, and Democratic Senators Michael Bennett (CO), Blanche Lincoln (AR), and even majority leader Harry Reid (NV) continue to be plagued with difficulties. Democrats around the country are running frantically – Chris Dodd in Connecticut will finally be leaving office, and in Michigan the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, has quit the race.

Below is the first polling report of the new year – the report is separated by election, followed by poll in reverse chronological order (and, as always, lists Republican candidates first!).

Polling Report – 1/1/10 – 1/15/10

Generic Congressional Ballot:  Pew                 Republicans 44%, Democrats 46%                  (1/14)

Rasmussen       Republicans 45%, Democrats 36%                  (1/12)

Massachusetts US Senate:   Suffolk                       Brown (R) 50%, Coakley (D) 46%                  (1/15)

Research 2000      Brown (R) 41%, Coakley (D) 49%                  (1/14)

Rasmussen      Brown (R) 47%, Coakley (D) 49%                  (1/12)

PPP                      Brown (R) 48%, Coakley (D) 47%                  (1/10)

Boston Globe   Brown (R) 36%, Coakley (D) 53%                  (1/10)

New Hampshire US Senate: Rasmussen  Ayotte (R) 49%, Hodes (D) 40%                     (1/13)

ARG               Ayotte (R) 43%, Hodes (D) 36%                     (1/4)

Nevada US Senate:                  PPP                Tarkanian (R) 50%, Reid (D) 42%                  (1/14)

Lowden (R) 51%, Reid* (D) 41%                   (1/14)

Rasmussen      Tarkanian (R) 50%, Reid* (D) 36%                (1/13)

Lowden (R) 48%, Reid* (D) 36%                   (1/13)

Mason Dixon  Tarkanian (R) 49%, Reid* (D) 41%                (1/9)

Lowden (R) 50%, Reid* (D) 40%                   (1/9)

Ohio US Senate:                   Rasmussen      Portman (R) 43%, Brunner (D) 40%                (1/14)

Portman (R) 44%, Fisher (D) 37%                   (1/14)

Arkansas US Senate:           Rasmussen     Baker (R) 51%, Lincoln* (D) 39%                  (1/7)

Hendren (R) 47%, Lincoln* (D) 39%              (1/7)

Connecticut US Senate:    Quinnipiac       Simmons (R) 27%, Blumenthal (D) 62%                     (1/14)

Rasmussen       Simmons (R) 33%, Blumenthal (D) 56%                     (1/7)

PPP                    Simmons (R) 28%, Blumenthal (D) 59%                     (1/6)

Colorado Governor:          Rasmussen       McGinnis (R) 45%, Hickenlooper (D) 42%     (1/7)

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