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MA Republicans make a comeback!

January 21, 2010

Here is your Massachusetts republican reporting that she has regained faith in her state! 52 % voted for Brown!

I am used to Republican votes not counting here, to it being unthinkable of a Republican senator or president winning, but now Massachusetts has shown itself to be less of the liberal headquarters than  I surmised…

Sure, my hometown still went blue (Brookline reported 25 % Brown and 75 % Coakley). I am willing to bet that the 25 % were my parents and the rest of their Russian Jewish Conservative Brethren who have been fiercely campaigning for Brown in the last few weeks. All their hard work, email spamming, and predicting the apocalypse if Coakley won has paid off. Good work guys!!!

The whole Cape went red (with the exception of Provincetown) and even Hyannis (Ted Kennedy’s hometown and the Kennedy stronghold) went red. To her credit, Coakley’s hometown did support her, and vote blue.

More statistics and demographics will be appearing soon, but it is clear that the farther from Boston the more support Brown got.

Channel 5 showed Brown’s victory speech and here are my favorite quotes (not quoted verbatim, my brain was pretty fried from all of the excitement last night):

“This campaign started small … no one expected that it would cause Air Force 1 to make an emergency landing in Logan” :)))

“President Obama, you can insult me and my politics, but lay off my truck!”

Here’s to many more wonderful surprises from Massachusetts!


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