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Gitmo – Homemade Edition

December 27, 2009

So it turns out that Obama might actually keep his promise of closing Guantanamo Bay’s detention center. But what will happen to those detainees, do you ask? Well, they will be shipped back to Obama’s very own homestate of Illinois. But at this moment, it is not entirely clear what will happen to the “enemy combatants.” If Obama’s current foreign policy is any indicator, it is likely that he will suddenly reverse course and declare that in the interests of “national security,” these detainees must be held indefinitely and without trial. The ACLU, in fact, just released a statement to that effect.

So that’s change we can believe in! Republicans would do well to copy el Presidente’s magic formula – Obama is Bush on steroids. He has taken all the spending, the foreign interventions, the expansion of government programs, all of which grew at an alarming rate under Bush, and merely stepped harder on the pedal. The only thing that has changed course is the rhetoric. Only the fluff has been altered. But beneath, the same mistakes that plagued Bush will continue to contribute to Obama’s downfall.

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