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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2009

America woke up this morning to a gift that was not on our Christmas list

Not welcome news.

Granted “healthcare reform” is far from a done deal; the House and the Senate bills are far from identical.  Yet the increased momentum produces a disturbing sense of inevitability, even as public opinion sours.

But before we lament of the Grinch stealing Christmas early this Christmas Eve morning, there is still cause for a Happy Holiday.

This will by no means be the most prosperous Christmas on record; across our country, Christmas dinners will be a little less grand, trees a little more bare, Santa a little less generous. Demand at food pantries and homeless shelters is at a record high; donations are at a record low.  The healthcare vote this morning is hardly our only concern.

Yet in this, the season of perpetual hope, let us step back and discover the joy that makes this Holiday so beloved.  For there is joy to be found if we look for it.  After all, we are still here after the crash that not so long ago made us wonder if we’d ever recover. 

There’s joy to be found in the little things.  The candlelight masses; the gift giving; children singing; the Santa Claus on the street corner waving at passersby just to bring some cheer.  There is still good to be found and to be done in the country, and Congress will never legislate that away.

So, may the division that  has been so apparent these last weeks be overcome these next days as we celebrate the things that unite us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (I hear 2010 will be good one)!

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