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Monopoly Money, Healthcare, and Special Deals

December 23, 2009

Nebraska does not want a special deal, insists Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska) after fellow Sen. Ben Nelson was bought off by the US taxpayer to seal the 60 votes needed for Senate passage of the healthcare bill (that most  Americans do not support). Nelson’s acceptance of 100 million federal dollars to fund Medicaid in Nebraska is enough to make Johanns almost cry. Hello, machine politics of the corrupt 1800’s, welcome to Nebraska.

This comes after Obama’s inspiring speech that urged Americans to consider fiscal responsibility “in the long run.” Luckily, Congress is off the hook in the short run or the $2.3 trillion healthcare expenditure might be an issue. Obama urged us to remember that we cannot always treat taxpayer dollars as monopoly money:

In the long run we can’t continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences, as if waste doesn’t matter, as if the hard earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like monopoly money, that’s what we’ve seen time and time again, Washington has become more concerned about the next election than the next generation.

Sen. Gregg is not amused. Neither are most Nebraskans, most Americans, or most doctors, all of whom are going to be mighty angry in 2010 after their healthcare has been totally uprooted and American politics has become a monopoly game for opportunist Congressmen.

It is prudent that Parker Griffith got his act together and switched sides this morning before healthcare came back to the House. Welcome to the GOP, Parker. We’re working on building more seating because the crowds are going to proliferate after the fateful Christmas Eve vote.

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