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Campaign Update from Campaigns Committee

December 7, 2009
by: Alexander Chen, 12/06/09


Obama’s job approval continues to fall – even CNN had his approval rating at 48% this past week. The health care debate has taken its toll on this administration, and polls continue to show that a majority of the country remains skeptical about the Pelosi-Reid agenda. Furthermore, with Joe Lieberman declaring his intent to filibuster the public option and moderate Democrats voicing concerns about spiraling costs, the Republicans will have an opportunity at stopping the massive spending bill.
Meanwhile, President Obama took a bold step in announcing the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, which was quickly backed by pledges for additional troops from NATO allies. Though President Obama also called for a timeline for withdrawal, this initiative gained support from many Republicans.

Polling Data
Rasmussen Reports – 12/3/09, Arkansas US Senate: Baker (R) 47%, Lincoln* (D) 41%
Rasmussen Reports – 12/5/09, South Carolina Governor: Barrett (R) 39%, Rex (D) 33%
Maxon-Dixon – 12/4/09, Nevada US Senate: Lowden (R) 51%, Reid* (D) 41%
PPP – 12/4/09, Delaware US Senate: Castle (R) 45%, Biden (D) 39%

Upcoming Events

In the news

Montana Senator Max Baucus (D) nominates girlfriend for US Attorney
Obama’s “surge” will also entail gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan
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