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Campaign Update from Campaigns Committee

November 29, 2009
by: Alexander Chen, 11/29/09


With Thanksgiving break over, the year’s political events are beginning to wind down, especially as Christmas is about three weeks away! But, there was plenty of news this past week – from the two uninvited guests at Obama’s first State Dinner, to Obama’s rather fruitless trip abroad to China. Meanwhile, as the new year is only a few weeks away, primary season is right around the corner. The first major primary will be in early February in Illinois, where a major fight will emerge for now-President Obama’s former Senate seat, currently held by Roland Burris. Congressman Mark Kirk, a moderate, is poised to win the GOP nomination.

Polling Data
11/12 – Susquehanna, Delaware US Senate seat – Biden (D) – 45%, Castle (R) – 40% (this is Joe Biden’s old Senate seat!)
11/23 – Zogby, North Dakota US Senate seat – Dorgan* (D) – 36%, Hoeven (R) – 55% (Hoeven is currently Governor of North Dakota)
11/24 – Rasmussen Reports, US House of Representatives, Democrats 37%, Republicans 44%
11/24 – Democracy Corps, US House of Representatives, Democrats 47%, Republicans 45%
11/23 – Marist, New York US Senate seat, Gillibrand* (D) – 45%, Pataki (R) – 47%

Upcoming Events

NH Republicans hold a fundraiser with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty – December 16th, Concord, NH

NH Young Republicans Christmas Party – December 18th, Concord, NH
In the news

Obama Approval Rating falls below 50% – Gallup has noted that no President whose approval rating has fallen below 48% has won reelection.

Party crashers cause headache at State Dinner
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