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Campaign Update from Campaigns Committee

November 23, 2009
by: Alexander Chen, 11/21/09



This has been an intriguing week for Republicans – the health care debate may have gone forward in the Senate, but GOP ranks held firm. Meanwhile, senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) may have opened herself up to attacks in the 2010 midterm elections with her ultimate vote for cloture.
In other news, the NY Daily Post reported that Rudy Giuliani is eyeing a US Senate seat – Kirsten Gillenbrand’s Senate seat. In Pennsylvania, Joe Sestak is launching strong attacks on Arlen Specter – perhaps a bitter Democratic primary could be in the works?
Also, in Florida, while incumbent Governor Charlie Crist’s approval ratings have gone down, he remains more popular with most voters than former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. In the state’s governor’s race, Attorney General Bill McCollum leads Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Polling Data
Rasmussen Reports – 11/19, CA Governor – Whitman (R) 41%, Brown (D) 41%
Daily Kos – 11/19, FL Senate – Crist (R) – 50%, Meek (D) – 33%; Meek (D) – 38%, Rubio (R) – 30%
Zogby – 11/19 – AR Senate – Lincoln* (D) – 41%, Baker (R) – 39%
Marist – 11/19 – NY Senate – Giuliani (R) – 54%, Gillibrand* (D) – 40%
PPP – 11/18 – MO Senate – Carnahan (D) – 43%, Blunt (R) – 42%

In the news


The New Louisiana Purchase – What Senator Landrieu (D-LA) got for her vote
Vulnerable Harry Reid – The GOP’s plan to take down the Majority Leader in 2010
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