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Terrorism and your money

November 20, 2009

First, Harvard’s own Matt Cohen gets quoted in the Jerusalem Post:

Matthew Cohen, president of Harvard Students for Israel, said Eitam focused on his experience during the raid on Entebbe and a discussion of the Iranian nuclear threat. A single protester showed up at Harvard.

“He was really a lot more nuanced than obviously he’s portrayed, as this caricature,” said Cohen. “I agreed with Mr. Eitam’s preface of the speech, saying that American Jews and non-Jews alike, the rest of the world, should really confront the Iranian regime.”

I didn’t even see the protester…

Second, I have this gem:

The general gist:

A Gaza charity headed by the interior minister of Hamas yesterday offered $1.4 million to any Arab citizen of Israel who abducts an Israeli soldier. Palestinians have frequently called on Israeli Arabs to abduct soldiers, but this is the first time money has been offered.

Wonderful, right? And here is the kicker: where is this amazing organization getting its funds from? *drum roll* The United States and the rest of the Western World! This is where the millions of dollars and euros of “humanitarian aid” that we send to “the poor Palestinians”  go.  You would think they would at least pretend to use the funds for schools, medicine, running water, electricity, trash collection, or any of that not really significant stuff, but nope. Y’all, my friends, are funding terrorism. If you really have nothing better to do that send your money to Gaza, I’m happy to help.  Then, at least you would be paying for my dessert and entertainment, so I can continue to provide you with oodles of potentially offensive sarcasm, thereby enriching your life.


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