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It’s the Economy, Stupid

November 18, 2009

After Obama visited all 57 states during his presidential campaign, one would think that he would review some elementary geography. Apparently not. At, the government’s website created to track the jobs “created” or “saved” with the money from the stimulus bill, some things just aren’t adding up. Take, for example, Arizona, which has 8 congressional districts. Miraculously, the Obama administration has somehow found a way to spend $34,412,126 in the 86th congressional district, $1,280,838 in the 40th Congressional District, and $905,475 in the 9th congressional district. Unfortunately, only 2 jobs were created or saved after stimulus spending in all three “districts” combined. And the odd geography doesn’t end there. In Kentucky (which only has 6 districts), $28,005 was spent in the 19th district to create 0.4 jobs; in Puerto Rico (which happens to have 0 congressional districts), $47,699,220 was spent in the 99th congressional district to create a whopping 291.6 jobs; and the list goes on . . .

Perhaps the most glaring problem is that $18 million was appropriated to recently update the website, and this is the same administration that wants to take control of your health care.

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