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Stupak and Big Government

November 11, 2009

I’m not Catholic, but I must tip my hat to them.

The Stupak amendment to the health care bill has revealed how government control of health care will inherently be controversial and divisive. One of the many problems with a larger federal government is that we will be unable to agree on the proper way to be involved in people’s lives. Even among people in same party, there will be disagreements over exactly how to make the rules.

Should we force pro-lifers to pay for abortion? Should we force health nuts to pay for the obese? Should we force citizens to pay for the care to illegal immigrants? Coming to a consensus on these issues is challenging, if not impossible. That’s why we should leave it out of the hands of the federal government, which forces agreement through the threat of fine, fee or worse, and put it back into the hands of individual citizens making choices within the free market.

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