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Iran, Palestine, and Websites

November 11, 2009

Shalom, here I am back with an update on everything Israel.

A few weeks ago Harvard had the pleasure of hosting Effie Eitam, an Israeli war hero and former government member. He had unique insight everything current issue Israel has to deal with.

His main points:

On  the Palestinians: This problem will only be solved after Iran is dealt with, and Israel will not retreat. We retreat, the terror gets worse. A two state solution may be possible , but not before Iran is dealt with. And not before Palestine ceases to deny Israel exists.

On Iran: A nuclear Iran defies everything that Western society has worked for and achieved. Putting nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical who refuses to believe history will doom the world as we know it. If the west does not stand together and stop this, Israel will do it. Just like the nuclear reactor in Iraq in the 1980’s, this reactor will be destroyed with or without US support.

On Gilad Shalit and trading prisoners: Israel should not negotiate with terrorists. This gives terrorists incentive to kidnap soldiers, and releases killers. Gilad Shalit will come home, and not by a trade, the IDF will find him and rescue him.

And, as a PS. Guess what website won the world’s best designed contest?

Here for your visual enjoyment:


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