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What a joke…

November 10, 2009

I think some Democrats in office need to read their dictionaries more often.

We have all heard President Obama’s claims of his willingness to foster cooperation across the aisle, even while he was campaigning for his office. Yet, in response to the passage of the $1.1 trillion healthcare reform package, he called the 220-215 passage a “courageous” action. How do we interpret this so-called “courage” as anything but partisan ideology rammed down the throats of Americans in one of the most egregious displays of the tyranny of the ever-so-slight majority? If courage to Mr. Obama means ignoring the desires and wisdom of the broad American public in favor of personal ideological agendas, he is showing his true colors, not as the unifying force that Americans had hoped in, but just as divisive as any of his predecessors.

Only one Republican representative voted in favor of the bill. Though the House majority leader Representative Hoyer (D-MD) may claim that this voting outcome was “as you observed, a bipartisan vote,” one vote from the Republicans in favor, with all others in opposition, does not constitute a bipartisan effort. If anything, the opposition to the bill was far more bipartisan – 39 Democrats voted against the bill. The irony is that the Democrats attempted to “compromise” on abortion funding in order to attempt to attract Republican support, and losing support from their own ranks in the process. It shows the Democrats’ desperation in trying to forge a false bipartisan support for the bill, and even more clearly shows that a bill of such fiscal irresponsibility cannot possibly ever have the support of Republicans. Kudos to the Republicans of the House for not taking the bait.

As the bill now goes to the Senate, we can only hope that greater sense may prevail there.

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