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Fort Hood Terrorist Attack

November 7, 2009

I’ll say what the liberal media won’t: it was a terrorist attack. Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan was a jihadist and he wasn’t ashamed of his ideology. On Thursday afternoon, 12 people died at Fort Hood, another soldier died today in the hospital from being fatally shot, and 27 wounded are in the hospital. The Fort Hood terrorist attacks are a product of Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan’s radical Islamic beliefs and constitute the largest terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims’ families. Let us be better prepared and more wary – radicals should never be allowed to serve in the US military.

The incident at Fort Hood, whatever is the personal motive, falls into the category of the demonization of the U.S. and its military. What does that mean? It says that whatever the causes of Hasan’s individual aggression, the latter was legitimized by the perception that America is the “enemy.” An investigation will soon show if Hasan’s motives are strictly personal, ideological or a hybrid blend of motives. It’s also important that the investigation into Hasan’s motives be made available as quickly as possible to the public. According to retired Col. Terry Lee, who was interviewed by Fox News and who knew Major Malik Nadal Hasan, the suspect made several statements indicating his ideological beliefs such as: “The killing of the soldier in Arkansas and any attack against the U.S. military inside the homeland is legitimate because of American military involvement in the Middle East.” Terry detailed remarks made by the accused killer “against U.S. policy and in support of potential suicide attacks inside the country.” Of course, these statements and those reported by others need to be analyzed and verified.

While we wait for the results of these investigations and experts weighing on the historical context of the suspect’s possible motives as well as the specific circumstances of engagement between the jihadist propaganda and the United States during the past eight years along with this type of an alleged attack by an individual on the military, we’re still left, at this point, with the the following prediction. Hasan’s ideology was part of what led him to alledgedly commit murder at Ft. Hood. Of course, psychological factors must also be given serious consideration but the ideological component, the legitimacy of attacking the U.S. military as perpetrated by some jihadi groups also has to be investigated.

Although I would place this attack within the wider context of the evolution of what terror analysts call homegrown radicalization it’s still early. Of course, we need to wait for the information that will come from investigators. We may find that the legal side doesn’t jibe with the psychological experts. In the meantime, if we do find that the suspect was motivated, at least in part, by ideology the attack on Ft. Hood must be recognized as the single largest terror attack on America (regardless of its homegrown origin or not, or the psychological reason or not) since 9/11.

In that case, what the world has witnessed this week in Texas cannot be described just as “a horrific outburst of violence” directed at the American military, Instead it is part of a wider ideological war, generated by radicalization and inciting individuals to perform such acts. “Lone wolf” or not, organized or not, fully self-aware perpetrator or not, influenced by overseas radicals or not, this massacre of servicemen has moved America from stage to another.

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