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October 28, 2009

If you only learn one word in Hebrew, this should be it.

Pronounced “balagan” it  means a mess.  And as they say in Israel : תמיד יש בלגן בישראל:  ” Tamid esh balagan bisrael” — There is always a mess in Israel.

Unfortunately, Israel is not the only location that has been a mess, my life has been quite the balagan. So, my deepest apologies for neglecting you, my faithful readers.

There is never any lack of turmoil in Israel:

1. This whole business with the Goldstone Report. Yes, Israel is having an investigation about the Gaza conflict, but it is not because of that worthless waste of paper (well maybe it wasn’t worthless: At least it showed how much love there is in the world for Israel. Look at this amazing cartoon: maybe instead of constantly finding fault with Israel the UN should  actually do its job and deal with actual human rights violations? They do happen in certain countries. *cough* *cough* Many Arab ones.). Israel does investigations after wars because Israel is a civilized country and they can have internal investigations without the UN meddling.

2. Turkey. Well I’ve never been a fan of what you have done in Cyprus, but this is simply unacceptable. You disallow Israeli military exercises from happening over your airspace and, in general, do everything you can to screw up diplomatic relations. Bad move.

3. Israel wins a Nobel Prize in Chemistry! Bravo to Ada Yonath! She is the first Israeli woman to win a Nobel prize.

However, she really does need to stick to Chemistry,  for her solution to dealing with terrorism involves freeing all currently incarcerated terrorists because apparently then there will be no desire to terrorize. Sounds slightly fishy. Thankfully, I am not the only one who thinks so:

“Clearly, she excels in chemistry, but she certainly does not excel in a sober view of the conflict in the Middle East. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion, but my problem is with people who won the Nobel Prize in one field or another becoming a political oracle. She did not win the Nobel for diplomatic achievement. And now she will become a pillar of fire for the rapidly fading notion that Israel alone is responsible for the conflict.” Ophir Akunis, a legislator from the ruling party Likud.

Well said.

Read the full article here.

4. We continue to pray that Gilad Shalit will return home soon.


P.S. On second thought, you really should learn how to say air conditioner in Hebrew too; it’s mazgan:   מזגן

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