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Surrealism, plain and simple

October 18, 2009

WaPo’s endorsement of Creigh Deeds is not a surprise. The explanations, however, display a mind-boggling lack of memory.

“Our differences with him are on questions of policy. The clamor surrounding his graduate dissertation from 1989, in which he disparaged working women, homosexuals, “fornicators” and others of whom he disapproved, has tended to obscure rather than illuminate fair questions about the sort of governor he would make.”
Only, the loudest voice in the clamor has been…that’s right, the Washington Post. Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot has covered the Post’s coverage of the thesis extensively.

“Mr. Deeds, lagging in the polls, lacks Mr. McDonnell’s knack for crisp articulation. But if he has not always been the most adroit advocate for astute policies, that is preferable to Mr. McDonnell’s silver-tongued embrace of ideas that would mire Virginia in a traffic-clogged, backward-looking past. Virginians should not confuse Mr. McDonnell’s adept oratory for wisdom, nor Mr. Deeds’s plain speech for indirection. In fact, it is Mr. Deeds whose ideas hold the promise of a prosperous future. ”
Discussion question: Would the WaPo /ever/ have given George W. Bush a similar pass? *begins laughing at the thought*

The WaPo is, of course, free to endorse whomever it likes. But the value of that endorsement – not that I’m complaining! – is, to say the least, rife with cognitive dissonance. I must also mention the ghastly writing – “intolerant terrain”? “Blizzards…that crumble”? Hello? Hello? Opinion editor? Are you there? Oh. I guess not.

Last thing, I promise: “Despite his rural roots…” Creigh Deeds is a doctrinaire liberal on social policy. Wow. Just wow.

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