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Mm, Mm, Mm… The Cult of Personality

October 18, 2009

Somewhere in the world, children in the second grade chant hymns of praise and thanksgiving to their leader. But it’s not in Russia. It’s not even China.

I’m referring to the United States of America.

It’s no joke. This creepy video has been online for about a month now (video, with Glenn Beck’s “passionate” commentary is here and the full lyrics are here) This class in suburban New Jersey is singing the praises of none other than “Mm, Mm, Mm, Barack Hussein Obama,” as the catchy first song goes, and as scary as the video is in itself, this story gets even more disturbing.

First of all, you can compare this song with a hymn to another leader with a cult of personality here. More intriguingly, the first song has lyrics taken from “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” saying “Red, yellow, black or white// All are equal in his sight,” except that Obama replaces that other Prince of Peace here. This isn’t quite a worship song, but it’s too close for my liking.

Even more disturbingly, these children praise not only Obama but his politics. The first song mentions the somewhat controversial Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and both pledge support to Obama’s partisan economic policies. Excuse me? Since when has it been appropriate for teachers to teach children their politics at any level, let alone indoctrinate seven-year-olds through song? What’s next, drawing healthcare reform posters in art class?

The worst aspect of this story, of course, it the response from the mainstream media. That’s right, there was none. Unless you watch Fox News or listen to Beck or Limbaugh, chances are you missed this one. Can you imagine if the song had championed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban instead of LLFPA? Or if the kids were worshipping George W. Bush?

“He says each fetus has its worth

No more abortion by partial birth!

Mm, Mm, Mm. George Walker Bush!”

You’d have it as the lead story for about a week, including 24/7 coverage of “Kinder-gate” on MSNBC and CNN. There would be live reporting from the school, the White House, and China, for good measure, Keith Olbermann would find a way to call it racism, and there would be coverage of the fringe comparing Bush to “Hitler and Stalin…..but worse!” But with Obama? Not even a peep.

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