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Yet another new HRC blogger

October 17, 2009

Hello all! My name is Michael Cowett; I’m in the Class of 2013, and I currently live in Thayer Hall. I intend to concentrate in The Classics with a secondary concentration in Government. I am also, as you may have guessed, a conservative Republican. As will become clear, I am a libertarian-leaning conservative: very conservative on economic and foreign issues, right-of-center on social issues.

I shall be posting (at least!) each Friday. Generally, I shall focus mostly — but not solely — on topics relating to the law, legal issues, and the Constitution. I also have some interest – arising from time spent living in both states – in Rhode Island and Ohio politics, about which I shall post less frequently.

To begin with, some links for conservatives interested in the law:
Volokh Conspiracy is written by several law professors. It can get rather technical in a hurry, but it’s a good resources. The site tends to have a more libertarian perspective.

Bench Memos at National Review Online is another great resource, though with fewer updates than Volokh. Bench Memos features a “This Day in Liberal Judicial Activism”, which (depending on the day) can be absurd to the point of hilarity, or simply depressing. NRO, in addition to the well-known The Corner , also published the amusing titled Phi Beta Cons, which focuses on issues relating to education in general and higher ed more specifically.

Now, onto the (rather brief) post…

This video is downright sad. Apparently, the Democrat running for Attorney General in Virginia isn’t so good at answering questions…. Obviously, I don’t have a law degree. And I do tend to agree that questions of this sort are a bit silly – usually. This, however? This was simply pathetic. I don’t really think I need one to know that, when seeking a job with oversight powers, one might actually want to know what one is overseeing. Yikes. I doubt Ken Cuccinelli (the GOP candidate) will have much trouble here.

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