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Just call it “Reform”

October 17, 2009

Organizing for America (aka the White House) is calling for Americans to call Congress on Tuesday, October 20.  Why?  Because it’s “Time to Deliver.”  Deliver what?  Unclear.

Their website:

After months of negotiations, the health reform debate is about to move to the full Congress for the first time. With the insurance industry lobby pulling out all the stops to derail progress, we need everyone who supports reform to weigh in.

That’s it.  No guidance on what to “weigh in” on.  No definition of “progress.”  No parameters of the “reform” one should support.

Now I like progress and I like reform, but I don’t think Organizing for America Obama wants me calling in.

And that’s the problem.  The White House stopped caring months ago–if it ever did–about real reform.  They want a legislative victory and little more.  Write a bill, pass it, and slap the word “reform” on it.

The premise is so flawed it’s scary.  The White House has managed to convince the American people–and maybe themselves–that the health care insurance system is so bad that no matter what Congress passes, it will be an improvement.  Not only that, the system is so flawed that we need reform–any “reform”–immediately.  Whatever you got Congress, it’ll do just fine.  We’ll call it reform and be done.

Universal coverage?  Just a talking point.  Deficit Reducing?  Another time.  Cost controlling?  Not so much.

“Reform is on the line,” OFA says.  Let’s hope so.

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