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Gladstone Report: Someone Got a Little Confused

October 8, 2009

I have a few bones to pick with the  recent Gladstone report, a report compiled by the United Nations. In order of my fury,

  1. The Israeli army apparently deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians. Well, whomever was responsible for this portion of the report evidently missed the thousands of warnings the IDF gave Palestinian civilians, the numerous phone calls, and the humanitarian aid Israel offered  the Palestinians.
  2. This report is completely objective. Maybe I’m just bad at English, but doesn’t objective mean that the people compiling the report didn’t already accuse Israel of war crimes before even starting the report?
  3. Palestinians don’t use civilians as human shields. Excuse me? Guess some people aren’t familiar with YouTube. And in case one example of this monstrosity doesn’t convince you, here’s another right from the horse’s (or the devil’s) mouth.
  4. Israel is equated with a terrorist organization. I’m sorry, does Hamas even have a legal system? (No, killing people for disobedience doesn’t count). Do they have the checks and balances that Israel does? How can they even be put in the same vicinity as Israel?! Do they have some semblance of a democracy? Wait don’t answer that…

Check out the  amazing site that debunks this <sarcasm> wonderfully accurate and Pro-Israel </sarcasm> report.

More outrage to come. And also a report on the territory issue.


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