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Dear Rush: David Brooks is not Jealous

October 3, 2009

David Brooks had some tough words for the GOP Friday: Turn off the radio.

In his October 2 New York Times’ column, Brooks takes aim at conservative talk radio hosts and Fox News talking heads (usually the same thing).  Aside from just criticizing their tactics and style (which are often worthy of criticism), Brooks criticizes elected Republicans for too often bowing to the perceived influence of the likes of Rush, Sean, Glenn, and Bill.

One of his examples: Campaign ’08: Radio loved Fred and Mitt.  They failed.  Radio hated McCain.  He won (the nomination).  Brooks on South Carolina:

Yet the imaginary armies do not materialize. McCain wins the South Carolina primary and goes on to win the nomination. The talk jocks can’t even deliver the conservative voters who show up at Republican primaries. They can’t even deliver South Carolina!

True that, David.  (But one wonders how many GOP voters sat at home in November because they’d been convinced McCain was a Democrat in elephant’s clothing.)

But on to Rush.  Surely he has something to say.  He does.  “Can you say JEALOUS?” he says of Brooks.  Jealous.  That’s the best he’s got.

It gets better.  Fellow radio talk show host and author Mark Levin says, “[Brooks] is irrelevant. He is incoherent.”  Incoherent.  The intellectual NYT columnist is incoherent.  What does that make talk radio?

Dear Rush: David Brooks is not jealous.  Surely you can devise another response to criticism.  It happens often enough.

Dear Mark: David Brooks is not incoherent.  Read his column.

On a similar topic, Peggy Noonan writes Friday of “Keeping America safe from the Ranters.”

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  1. October 3, 2009 7:31 am

    found brooks’ comments to be right on. Thanks for posting.

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