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Look West, GOP

September 27, 2009

Republicans are mounting an ’09 comeback in the East.  New Jersey’s governorship could soon be Chris Christie‘s.   And, despite recent thesis-related trouble, Bob McDonnell is still polling strong for the Virginia governor’s race.

But the 2010 comeback story may be out West in California, where a dynamic duo of female CEO’s is preparing to redefine California Republican politics (albeit not without a few bumps in the road as of late).

Meg Whitman (eMeg as the Weekly Standard dubbed her) will play up her success as eBay CEO in pursuit of her quest for the governorship.  HP’s former CEO Carly Fiorina hopes to unseat Democrat Barbara Boxer (call her Senator, not ma’am).

Whitman’s campaign is off to a strong start.  Strong in the polls.  A well-organized campaign and strong online presence.  Solid name recognition thanks to her personal narrative and McCain campaign work.  If she can overcome the news of her poor voting rate, hers may be the winning bid.

Fiorina’s campaign has work to do.  Ground to cover in the polls.  A young campaign.  And a recently-launched under-construction website that drew ridicule from both sides of the aisle for its odd way of framing the debate.  (See for yourself.)

“Carlyfornia Dreamin’!!!” it proclaims, excessive punctuation and all.  (One exclamation point will do, Carly.)

That said, the real potential may lie in the ability of the two CEO’s to run a coordinated campaign, building off each others strengths to claim both offices.  Electing two CEO’s to statewide positions should be appealing to voters suffering from high unemployment and perennial fiscal mismanagement.  With a little luck and the right message, these two political outsiders may help to sustain the momentum that the GOP stands to gain in November ’09.

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