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Bipartisan Support of Israel: Say What?

September 23, 2009

“I support a two state solution and a divided Jerusalem”. This quote, paraphrased from Alan Dershowitz’s speech at an event organized by Harvard Hillel and Harvard Students for Israel examining Obama’s support (or lack thereof ) of Israel clearly demonstrates “bipartisan support of Israel”. As a big fan of Dershowitz’s wit and dry humor, sitting in the front row,  expecting something at least somewhat moderate, I couldn’t believe my ears. Is this what bipartisan support of Israel means? Is this the Democrat version of support?

I could stomach the two state solution, (although it is still a tad unclear to me why there needs to be 23th Arab state for the oh so distinct Palestinian people, when for some strange reason Jews from all over the world seem to be doing just fine in one Jewish state), but a divided Jerusalem, this was just too much.  The world seems to be operating under this strange assumption that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel and is a like a pie that we have a right to divide. But see here is where the analogy breaks: Jerusalem isn’t a pie where everyone can fight as to how to divide it, and even if it were a pie, it would be an Israeli pie. Not an American one, not an alien one, not a terrorist one, and not even my pie.

Since we are so keen on dividing capitals, why don’t we divide Washington DC?  Anyone have any ideas for where the divide should be? Or maybe we should reconsider our choice of capital altogether. Perhaps the rest of the world would prefer if the capital of the USA were New York?

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  1. H '09 permalink
    September 25, 2009 5:27 am

    With due respect, I think you’re missing the point vis-a-vis the number of Arab states vs. the number of Jewish states. There shouldn’t be a global maximum or minimum number of states dominated by a given ethnic group, especially since there are still so many populous groups without a single state of their own. What do Palestinians or Israelis care about all the other land in the world that’s accessible to them, when it’s THIS tiny parcel of land that they so passionately feel belongs to them by virtue of their past ties to it, right … ?

  2. israelianna permalink
    September 25, 2009 10:10 pm

    ^But why do the Palestinians have a claim to Israel?

    Their holy places (Mecca and Medina) are not in Israel. Yes, their 3rd holiest location is Al Aqsa, the big gorgeous temple in the Old City in Jerusalem. However, guess what this mosque is built on: the ruins of the sec0nd Jewish temple–which predated Islam by 600 years!!!!
    If one needs more convincing, Israel did beat various Arab states in 5 wars over the land. And, if even the UN awarded the land to the Jews, ….I rest my case.

    However, Muslims have a complete right to live in Israel. And this right should never be taken away.
    But their own state? A divided Jerusalem? I’m not so sure.


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